Leaders & Healers


We have cultivated quite the team of extraordinary humans with high qualifications, and a whole lot of love to give.


Kate Ambers


Kate Ambers has been in the hair industry for over a decade and created this company to help give back to her industry that she adores. She has combined her love for hair, travel and passion personal growth into a business made just for hairdresser like you.  


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melissa rice, M.S.

Project Manager & Corrective Body-work Leader

Melissa has over five years experience in Sports Performance, writing and coaching fitness programs for athletes. She has adapted her programs specially for our retreats, to help correct effects of the physical demands of hairdressing. Her passion and enthusiastic energy is palpable.

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Brett Blackburn

Energy Healer

Brett has over a decade of experience as an intuitive and life coach. She has carefully formulated workshops to help build and strengthen a positive mindset and energy around your business. 


rachel kerns

Paint Instructor/Artist

Rachel is an incredible artist with her passion being oil paints. She leads our group painting classes and will be helping us heal through the therapy of art. She keeps things light and fun and really sparks your creativity.



pattie meier

Yoga Instructor/Healer

Pattie has fifteen years experience as a yoga instructor. She has tailored a Yin Yoga class just for hairdressers to restore strength and flexibility not only to our bodies, but also for our minds and spirits. Her knowledge for yoga and energy is vast and inspirational.