Personal Growth

Happiness is your birthright


Helping you cultivate greater awareness and compassion for the self-defeating patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to create meaningful and lasting change, so that you can reach you highest potential.

 Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs


What negative consequences have you already experienced as a result of limiting beliefs? The first step to letting go of limiting beliefs is becoming aware of your negative thought patterns in order to free yourself from your old programming. In our personal growth workshop, we will help you to find what limiting beliefs and stories you are holding onto that are no longer serving you. Once we have a clear idea of what they are and what their root causes are, we will then begin to replace them with new, empowering beliefs with new daily rituals, a change of focus, and progress. The life you’re living is yours because you’ve allowed it. Part of making a change towards something better involves taking responsibility for what we’ve already created. Now is the time to create the life you love and deserve with desire, faith, and action. We will provide you with all the tools to take home to help create long-lasting change.

 Creating Conscious Connections


Are there any relationships that you are settling for in your life? Clients? Food? Work? Partner? Cigarettes? Alcohol? Why do you think that is? How do you want to FEEL in your relationships? As hairdressers, our entire business is built upon relationships, and the quality of my life is the quality of our communication. So, how can we strengthen our communication to better serve us in our business and in life? Learn how to communicate more clearly, how to strengthen the most important relationship of all, the relationship with yourself, and how to give more of what you want to receive. The workshop provides a unique opportunity to engage in an exploration that will lead you to a greater sense of vitality and purpose. You will be guided through experiential group processes that will allow you to engage more fully and deeply with yourself and others. Use this workshop as a rare opportunity to carve out time to reflect and focus on yourself and what you want out of your life.

 Love Thy Self


 Where can you give yourself more love in your life? Where do you deserve forgiveness? What story can you let go of? Fall back in love with yourself in our personal growth workshop! As hairstylists, we give so much of ourselves to our business, it’s time to give back to yourself. In this intimate portion of our workshop we will take you on a date with yourself. You will create a new personal story that is authentic to you and your values. We will help you to create your own personal set of life principles in which to live by so that you will accept and love yourself more, whatever may be happening in your life, and continue to live with purpose and design.

We create a safe and supportive environment at all Souldresser Retreats experiences for all participants, so you can give yourself permission to express what you’re feeling, whether it’s love, anger, need, or fear and sometimes that doesn’t mean it will easy. It’s a place to surrender yourself up to take emotional risks and grow, but with guidance, love, and support.

Discover your truth. Raise your potential. Connect with your authentic self!