The Business Of Balance Workshop

The Business Of Balance Workshop



What a full day of restoration! We began our day with Yin yoga, specifically designed for hairdressers, that incorporated an amazing Sound Bath Meditation lead by Pattie Meier. 

After a delicious breakfast, we all moved on to our POWER-hour with our Master Your Mindset Workshop with Brett Blackburn. She taught us to let go of any limiting beliefs about money or our business, taught us to manifest our ideal clientele, create healthy boundaries with clients and co-workers, and help find a vibration that is authentically ours and set our energy to that each day. 

After our POWER-hour, we broke for snacks and bubbly to help get our creative juices flowing! We then closed our day with art therapy, connecting us with our inner artist while enjoying a fun paint-and-sip class lead by Rachel Kerns.

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Kate Ambers