Goodbye Chemicals!


It all started when…

I noticed my hands getting itchy after each color service. Then my skin started to peel on my fingertips. I thought it was from a yoga challenge that I was participating in, but when the challenge was over and my skin was still irritated, I realized it wasn’t yoga related. I quickly realized that stylists around me were having similar reactions to hair care products and chemical services.

My salon hosted a class with Jayne Matthews, owner of Edo Salon in San Fransisco, and she had a similar yet more severe occurrence. Jayne’s sensitivities to hair color became so severe, she actually had to make the difficult decision to work in a toxic free space. Which meant no chemical services at all! Jayne also informed us that hair color is not the only substance with high toxicity levels, the silent killer is actually our styling products.


After learning Jayne’s story and that I was not alone, I started doing some research. I found that almost ALL styling products have harsh toxins that have harmful affects on the body. I was already having a hard time selling a few of the lines we carried because of humanitarian reasons but this took it one step further. Thankfully my salon is just as passionate as I am about health and wellness as decided to kick the toxins to the curb, omitting all of the products with toxins and keeping the organic lines we already loved.

I had been so chemical conscious at home and in my daily life, yet I wasn’t at work. I knew something had to change and had to change soon. Jayne had mentioned she wore a mask while doing color services and I couldn’t believe I never thought to do the same. I immediately hopped onto Amazon and found a cute one that I could actually feel myself in. I also changed the color products I am using to a line called Oway and began looking into other organic haircare products. Oway not only is organic but I found that their holistic business structure paralleled that of Souldresser’s and my in-salon work as well, and knew right away it would be a good fit.

I hope this inspires you to look at the exposure to toxins in your environment and make a small change to better your health and wellness. You’re worth the commitment.


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