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Digital Empowerment


Online video Education courses coming soon!


I am working hard on curating custom courses for hairdressers! I will be launching my e-course that will delve deeper into the curriculum offered on retreats and expand over the course of six months to help you create daily rituals that help set you up for success not only in your business but in all areas of your life!

It will cover the three main focus points of Souldresser Retreats

  • Personal Growth

  • Business Development

  • Wellness

During each video course I will break down each category and narrow in on your personal and business goals. You will truly find what is holding you back and work to remove obstacles that may be standing in your way. You will create an outline for a healthy daily routine to include both feminine and masculine to-dos to create both balance and structure.

This e-course will help you live to your highest potential and elevate your career. I truly believe that we are the divine co-creators of our reality and this course will show you just how to create the life you love and deserve!

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