Kate Ambers

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Kate Ambers has been in the beauty industry for over sixteen years and a hairdresser for eight. She is Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, Wella and Bumble and Bumble trained, and has been a cutting educator for five years. She has invested in her business with seminars and classes from Tony Robbins, Destroy The Hairdresser, and Marie Forleo. She has created a very successful business behind the chair in Sacramento, Ca doing exactly what she loves most.


Kate is the creator of Souldresser Retreats, a first-of-its-kind retreat that helps hairdressers stay committed to their spiritual practices. Her flagship course, Master Your Mindset, empowers stylists awaken their confidence and live with purpose.

Kate created Souldresser Retreats to provide personal and business development to the beauty industry by connecting hair stylists to their spiritual path. To Kate, looking inward is an ethical endeavor. Being spiritual implies seeking to better understand one's inner life in order to act more wisely in the world.

By connecting with your own spirit, you are able to tap into your own light, connect with your highest self, and create the life you truly love.

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Personal Growth Junkie

Kate is addicted to personal growth. She loves finding areas of her life where she can grow. Whether its physically, mentally or spiritually, Kate loves to create new goals and works hard to achieve them. She wants to empower her peers to achieve their goals and has custom curated Souldresser Retreats workshops with all of the best tools that have helped her in achieving her success.


Kate is a huge yoga enthusiast and has been practicing for over seven years. She truly believes if you want a long career as a hair dresser, yoga is necessary. Yoga has a positive effect on the body by increasing flexibility, muscle strength and tone and energy and is important for relieving stress. The best thing about yoga is almost anyone can do it. Whether you’re a couch potato or a professional athlete, size and fitness levels do not matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose!

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Kate has been practicing mediation for five years and has lead many guided meditations. She has attended many meditation workshops and seminars. She has created tips and tools to help you meditate in her workshops and on your own. Whether you’re new to meditation or have been practicing for years, her guided meditations will greatly serve you. 


Kate is an experience traveler and has attended quite a few international retreats. To Kate, travel is education. She has learned more through the experiences of her travel than she ever could in books and journals. Travel pushes you out of you comfort zone, which enhances personal-growth, it build self-confidence, encourages cultural tolerance, and opens your mind to endless possibilities. It is the best way put yourself into a gratitude mindset.