Business Development

abundance is your birthright


A conscious business approach to attracting the clients you want and growing your business, while taking care of yourself.

Goal setting, manifesting, and achieving success


 In our business development workshop customized just for hairstylist, we will take a look at what beliefs are holding you back. What limitations have you put on yourself? What stories have you told yourself that limit your success as a hairdresser? What does success look like to you? How does it feel?

We will take your top three goals and break them down into imaginable and attainable steps so that you can track your progress in order to take your business to the next level. We will cover how to tap into the vibration of success with mediation, visualization and journaling techniques.

To master the art of success a balance must be made between the masculine and feminine energy that lives within your body. We each hold both energies within all of us, but it that harmonization of the two that creates the perfect recipe for success. Learn how to can use both to increase more abundance as a hair stylist.

intuitive business


Be yourself for a living! Create your personal brand that is authentic to you as a hairdresser, and is in full alignment with your values. In our business development workshop, we will dive into what makes you you, with meditation and deep self-work. We will go over how to weave more of your unique and authentic self into your business to make it truly yours.

Uncover your who and why. Become more clear about the what type of client you desire and aligns with your energy, values, and goals to build better client retention. Become so in-tune with yourself as a hair stylist, that your work is an extension of your heart. Learn to listen to yourself when challenges arise and be able to redirect them by leading with an open heart, without giving up your energy. Without knowing your why, you’re run the risk of living and working unconsciously which can create boredom, melancholy or feeling unfulfilled, even when you’re making a lot of money or doing what you love. When connected to a why that is bigger than you, you create passion, drive, and desire to create the life you want and deserve.

Grounding yourself in and out of the salon


Start your day grounded and tuned in. Being grounded can mean two things; being fully present in your body and/or feeling connected to the earth. Grounding yourself helps to clear your mind, recharge your energy, strengthen your instincts, and calm your emotions. Grounding exercises can truly increase your overall performance. Learn techniques that show you how to ground yourself both in and out of the salon, to help create a better work-life balance and maintain your sanity. We have all come across energy vampires. Learn tools to harness your energy and protect it from those who can easily drain you, and how to restore it, once already taken so that you can better enjoy your life as a hair stylist.

There is both inner and outer work to do. One cannot be neglected for the other. This is the great balance.

— Marshall Vian Summers