5 Reasons Why You Should Journal


Creating The Life You Love - 5 Benefits of Journaling.

Journaling has become one of my most important daily rituals. I use it for so many benefits. I do have to admit that it didn't come naturally or easily for me. Like meditation or yoga, it is a practice. I had to change my mindset and language. I had to make it something that I wanted to do, and that I looked forward to doing. 

On our retreats we use journaling as a major tool during our workshops for self-growth. Here are my 5 reasons why I think journaling is so empowering. 

1. Let Go

Journaling can be so therapeutic and cathartic. I find that when I am holding on to something, especially when I am not in a position to be able to speak about it, rather than try and ignore it, I write it all out and get it off my chest. I am able to be myself and say everything that I want to without any inhibitions or censoring. 

I suggest that if you don't like to write with pen and paper, then find a digital journal. Maybe you connect more with a keyboard and can get more out, and faster. I personally like pen and paper because I feel more connected to my own writing and the experience of it, but I know that I could get a whole lot more out in a shorter amount of time with a keyboard. So, if that is more of your jam, by all means, type it out!

Either way, getting out any energy that is building up, is so healthy and allows space for more positive energy.

2. Find Your Truth

There is so much truth in our vulnerability. When we write, we sometimes share things we didn't realize we were thinking or feeling. This connects us with our subconscious on a deeper level. This is the part of us, that we often don't realize exists. Once journaling becomes a regular practice, you can start to recognize certain thought patterns that may be negative or positive. This allows you to decide which thought patterns you want to keep, and which ones really need to go. Your truth doesn't have to be the same old story you once told. Your truth is yours and only yours. You have the power to change your truth and your journal is the best place to start creating your new more uplifted story. 

3. Better Communication

Anytime I am upset with someone, including myself, I write out what I am thinking first. I let it all out. It can get real ugly! I make sure to bullet point all of my arguments and why I am right in that particular situation. My writing gets fierce and messy and I even use bad words and all caps. Then I walk away and let it sit for a bit. No time limit, but enough time for me to cool down and call back my own energy. Then when I feel calm, I either do two things; I edit my message over and over again until I am ready to say it in person, or I burn it. The power of watching your words catch fire has so much power and significance. It really allows us to see it disappear, which cognitively allows us to release it emotionally.

No matter what you choose to do with your writing, both help you to communicate more affectively and clearly because you have sorted out your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to, again, choose which thought patterns you want to keep and which ones you want to dismiss, leaving you with more clarity and understanding.

4. Connect With Your Intuition and Higher Self

Just like connecting with your inner truth through writing, you can also connect with your intuition, or higher self. 

An exercise that I love doing is writing down all the times in a day that my "gut feeling" was spot on. Even if seems small, like "Today, my client told me he bought a new car and in my mind it was a white BMW. Sure enough, he followed by saying it was a white BMW!" Each time we recognize our intuition or higher self in action, we become more connected and trusting of it. Eventually we even become experts at recognizing our higher self and use it as a guide for big life decisions. We all have intuition, we just need to connect, and listen. This is a perfect tool to do just that.

5. Manifest The Life You Want!

This is my favorite. This is my go-to. This is my mac-daddy. 

This is also where I nerd out. I have held entire workshops on this single topic alone. Journaling your manifestations, to me, is one of best and easiest ways to create abundance and a life you love. 

I have read tons of books, watched hundreds of videos, listened to podcasts, attended seminars all covering manifesting and this is my most successful tool. Now, I use other tools and techniques such as visualization, meditation, vision boards and law of attraction language, because why not. They all work in their own way, so why not use all of them. I just think journaling is taking it once step further and here is why; on a quantum physics level, you have realms or dimensions that we cannot see. According to the law of attraction, our manifestations already exist, just in a different realm or dimension. Many believe that by using the law of attraction we are simply pulling our manifestation from another realm in which we cannot see, into our realm which we believe to be our reality. We do this vibrationally. So we create an image or idea of what we want, we visualize it, try to match our energy to it vibrationally, and by doing that the law of attraction has no choice but to pull it towards us energetically into this realm or dimension.

By journaling, we have physically placed our manifestation into this reality. It already exists. There it is, on your paper, in your hand. You are touching the first physical and tangible version of your manifestation, and because it has already manifested, you are that much closer to seeing it in its fullest manifested version. 

When you are writing your manifestations, I have just a few suggestions. 

  • Set the mood. Turn on some music that will allow you to get excited. Ex: If  you're wanting a tropical vacation, then turn on some beach sounds or tropical music.

  • Get detailed. Be as specific as you can with what your manifestation looks like, FEELS like, smells like. When does it happen? Who will you tell once it happens? 

  • How do you want to feel? Write down what feeling this will bring to you. Ex: security, fulfillment, a sense of ease, a sense of significance or purpose. 

  • Write in the past tense. Always, always, always write your manifestations in the past tense. Ex: "Last May, I received the best job offer of my life! It pays "x" amount, makes me feel fulfilled, respected, and allows me to work from home." Writing in the past tense tell the universe and your subconscious that it has already happened, because it already has!

In my journaling workshops, I have seen some incredible results with these techniques. Check out my Manifesting page for a more in-depth look at manifesting and creating abundance.

Well there you go! I hope you find some amazing nuggets in here. Email any thoughts, and please share with me your own experiences!


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