Souldresser Retreats offers an opportunity to escape from the high demands of our daily lives, help quiet the mind, and retreat into our own inner power. We offer workshops to help restore the mind, body and soul. To help you connect back to your inner voice, and empower you to manifest the life you want and deserve. Step out of your everyday routine to take time for yourself while learning tools and techniques to master your mindset. 

We have mindfully created workshops to strengthen your resilience and help let go of limiting thought patterns. We teach new tools to help build new daily rituals so you can connect with your highest self and re-align with your career, relationships and life.

We are firm believers of taking care of our physical body, just as much as our mind and soul. We include some form of yoga and/or corrective bodywork at every workshop and retreat. Helping to rejuvenate your body and maintain strength and flexibility.

Our company was also created to give you the opportunity to travel. Travel is a huge part of personal growth, so why not explore yourself and the world at the same time?

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Kate Ambers

Kate Ambers is a successful hairdresser in Sacramento, California. Her love for yoga, and passion for personal growth has inspired her to begin Souldresser Retreats. She hopes that she can empower others to create the life they deserve by using the techniques and daily rituals that helped her  to gain success and happiness. 

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Retreat Leader/Massage Therapist

Krista Kahmann

Krista is a licensed massage therapist and specializes with helping mothers reconnect with themselves after childbirth. She is an amazing healer and leader. Krista hopes to empower and uplift you through the power of self care and wellness. 


The power of bonding.

"I started this company to build relationships. To let go of the ego that we hold onto so tightly as humans, and truly connect with one another. To stop competing with one another and find truth in the fact that there is enough abundance out there for everyone. I want to connect like-minded humans, from all over the world with one another, and truly create an energy that is bigger than us."

-Kate Ambers, Founder

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Through travel we are able to see new environments, and experience other cultures which is such an amazing gift. Giving back to these communities is extremely important to Souldresser Retreats. We include gratuity into the pricing off all retreats to keep an even energy exchange to the local community.