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Offering business and personal development workshops and retreats for hair stylists

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Souldresser Retreats hosts transformational wellness retreats and personal development workshops for hair stylists. It is for any hairdresser who is looking to reconnect with their own soul and add more mindfulness to their daily life. It was created to help you find alignment with both your deepest truth, and highest potential.

Souldresser Retreats brings hair stylists together from all over the country into the same space to empower your mind, body, and spirit and teaches a conscious approach to attracting the clients you want and growing your business while taking care of yourself. Helping you to let go of limiting beliefs around your self- worth, success, and relationships and help you to practice more positive thinking and self-love. It offers motivation as you re-align with your highest-self through personal-growth and business development workshops, yoga, meditation, travel and rest all in amazing locations around the world.

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As part of our comprehensive retreats, workshops and courses, we guide and encourage our clients to use mindfulness and bodywork to center themselves in their career and to achieve overall health and happiness. You will learn how these things and others are an important components to transforming your career. We focus on restoring balance to the mind, body and soul. All workshops and retreats are curated with love and built to help teach a more sustainable way of living in, and outside of the salon. Check out our current schedule for upcoming workshops and retreats.

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grounding yourself in and out of the salon


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Letting go of limiting Beliefs


Latest Podcast episodes featuring Kate Ambers of Souldresser Retreats:


“Kate Ambers is the OG Souldresser. I love how she has put language to what hairstylists feel and coined the word "Hair-ancestors". We are taught the ropes a lot of times by people who don't take breaks, vacations or time for themselves. We then implement these ways into how we operate and the rest is history! We have a choice in how we operate our businesses and life.” -Lindsay Mayuga She Makes Waves Podcast


“World traveler, adventurer, light giver and soulful hairdresser. Kate Ambers is certainly a precious gift to us! In this episode we chat about her upcoming Costa Rica retreats for hairdressers...whattt??...yes, it's a thing! We also dive into maintaining authenticity in the world of a curated internet, and how to give yourself some major self love. We shared a lot of laughs while covering some ground in this episode! Kate is refreshing and relatable to everyone...a must listen!” -Kelli Mason, Founder of Limitless Hairdresser


In March I attended Sally Rogerson’s Thrive event where I met Christopher Sulimay and John Palmieri of Salon 124 and 124Go. After chatting for a bit we realized we had so much in common and had to record and impromptu podcast there at the event. So, we snuck off to a small board room. Chris and John set up their equipment and we began our hilarious rant all the things!

We talk about how to avoid burnout by taking care of yourself, eating healthy, letting go of limiting beliefs, and Yoga. I share about the changes that my attendees go through after an international retreat and spending some time unplugged in a more peaceful and more vulnerable space.  Not gonna lie, this conversation gets a little crazy. :) I hope you love it as much as we loved recording it!


This Limitless Hairdresser episode is so much fun!! Grab a snack or drink to hang out and listen to this one with us, it was a total girls night, slumber party episode! 5 power women, jammies, late night hotel room! ⠀

While we were in New Orleans this past January speaking at the LeftBrainGroup's Bayou St. Blonde, we decided we couldn't miss the opportunity to record a podcast while we had all these amazing people from different corners of the country in one place! ⠀

In this episode we have Kelli Mason the host of Limitless Hairdresser, myself representing Souldresser Retreats , Nicole Cichocki of Truth_Beauty_and_Goodness, Roxie Jane Hunt of Free Your Hair and Bri Bird of Oracle Salon!⠀

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
— Jennifer Lee